ethylbenzene : ENVIRONMENTAL, HEALTH & SAFETY Guidelines
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1.4 Applications

Ethylbenzene is almost exclusively (>99 %) used as an intermediate for the manufacture of styrene monomer [CAS RN: 100-42-5], C6H5CH=CH2, one of the most important large-volume commodity chemicals, or in the co-production of styrene monomer with propylene oxide.

Less than 1 % of the ethylbenzene produced is used as an intermediate for the production of acetophenone, diethylbenzene and ethylanthraquinone, as a constituent of asphalt and naphtha, and as an anti-knock additive in fuels and gasolines. Of the minor uses, the most significant is in the coatings industry as a solvent (mixed xylenes) for paints, lacquers, and varnishes. Please refer to Reference 1 in the Bibliography for more details on specific application areas for ethylbenzene.


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